Teeth and claws. Many animals possess them, but seldom are they wielded with the le-thal mastery we see in this episode. Crocodiles and wolves are apex predators, using their teeth with terrifying effect, ensuring they keep their place at the top of their respec-tive food chains. A simple flick of the baboon's lip reveals its menacing teeth, enough to strike fear into their enemies, and keep them at bay. Bears and tigers are infamous for the lethal wounds inflicted by their razor sharp claws. The owl's talons, though not as devas-tating in face to face combat, are unmatched when employed with stealth to take down their prey. Armored crabs fight and defend what's theirs by cutting and crushing foes in their pincers. In this episode of the Animal Armory we take a close look at these mighty instruments of destruction and the animals that wield them with such absolute precision.

Director: Max Serio , Bettina Dalton
Year: 2016
Content Rating: 12

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