In this episode we contemplate, from a safe distance, the lethal majesty of volcanoes, one of the planet's most destructive as well as spectacular natural forces. It is estimated there are up to 4,000 volcanoes on the Earth and every year about 50 of them are active above sea level, and in their eruptions – throwing millions of tons of dust, ash and gases into the atmosphere and endangering the lives and property of millions of people. Our trip around the earth’s volcanoes takes us to some interesting places. Such as the famously hard to pronouce, Eyjafjnallajokull. This volcano, that halted the worlds air traffic for months is located in Iceland, which has long been known as the land of ice and fire! So far, only a spectacular inconvenience, but for tomorrow who can say? Whether Iceland or that other volcanic hotspot Indonesia, Volcanoes are a potent reminder that at any moment old mother nature has the power to change everybody’s plans. Most especially with a so-called supervolcano, like the one at Yellowstone Park. Under Yellowstone lies the largest magma chamber in the world. Studies indicate the likelihood of the supervolcano erupting is five to ten times higher than the likelihood of Earth being hit by an asteroid.

Director: Max Serio , Bettina Dalton
Year: 2015
Content Rating: 12

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