“Special Operations” are special divisions of military, police or intelligence services that are highly qualified in specific areas of urban warfare and in a variety of special weapons and technology. Over the past forty years, all of the world’s superpowers have built up these groups in order to better fight wars, to counter terrorism and to conduct high-stakes police actions. This episode examines the history of such organizations, from the Green Berets, WWII paratroopers and naval special warfare units through to the Seal Team 6, the British SAS, and private contractors, including Black Water and Brown and Root. Showing how these operators are trained, how they plan, and what weaponry and tactical gear they use, the introductory episode of CQB provides viewers with a fast-paced overview of the techniques, strategies and equipment that have been successfully used by Military Special Operations.

Director: Charles Jannasch
Year: 2012
Content Rating: 12

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