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The Three Dogateers Save Christmas - How Christmas was saved by three little furry friends

Ah, Christmas. The most beautiful time in the winter. Snowy rooftops, smoky chimneys, lights from the windows, happy faces everywhere. They don't call it the most wonderful time of the year for nothing. After you've had your family dinner, there's no better activity than a movie night with your loved ones. And boy oh boy, the list of choices is packed to the top. There are so many movies that you can watch on a Christmas night but one particular movie that you probably hadn't watched is The Three Dogateers. 


The Three Dogateers is a Christmas comedy movie released in 2014. It is directed and written by Jesse Baget and it stars Dean Cain as Matt and Andrea Monier as Lisa.


Matt and Lisa are a Midwestern couple that owns three little dogs called Wagos, Barkos, and Arfamis. Two days before Christmas, Matt is drafted into taking an emergency business trip 14 hours away. Lisa is also on a business trip and is due to be back on Christmas. Meanwhile, at their home, burglars break in and steal the Christmas presents. Wagos, Barkos, and Arfamis follow the burglars into their van and sneak inside. They make a plan on how to take their presents back. The burglars plan to sell the presents at the mall and The Three Dogateers must find a way to stop them. To make things more complicated they are being chased by a ruthless dog catcher called Barney Gloat who is determined to add them to his large tally of successful catches.


With the help of Santa Claus and mall security, The Three Dogateers take their presents from the burglars. Santa finds the Dogateers? owners and proceeds to take them home. On the way back he is stopped by Barney and is knocked unconscious. Barney takes the Dogateers to his shelter and locks them. They somehow manage to free themselves and Santa takes them home to Matt and Lisa.


If you haven't watched The Three Dogateers, now is the perfect time for it.