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The Tattooist - The New-Zealand and Singapore co-produced horror/thriller film

The Tattooist is a 2007 New-Zealand and Singapore co-produced supernatural horror/thriller film, directed by Peter Burger, starring Jason Behr, Mia Blake, Michael Hurst, Nathaniel Lees, and Robbie Magasiva. 


The storyline revolves around the character Jake Sawyer (played by Jason Behr) a story of a guy who does something wrong in the pursuit of his art. Jake is a tattoo artist who travels around the world, exploring different cultures, finding inspiration for his tattoo designs from every place he visits. While exploring the beauty of Singapore he attends a Tattoo Exposition and is immediately attracted by the Samoan tradition of the art, tatau in particular.



At the Tattoo Exposition, he meets Sina (played by Mia Blake) a beautiful Samoan girl who draws his attention as he follows her to a tent where traditional Samoan tattooing is on display.  He is immediately drawn to their culture and designs and right there he decides to steal an old Samoan tattooing tool, which he believes will help him to perfect his designs. 



He then resumes his travel, catches a flight to Auckland, New Zealand, and takes a tattooing job with an old friend. He starts working on his Samoan inspired designs, not knowing the danger of the tool that he brought with him. The tool he uses ends up unleashing an evil spirit, and the tattoos made with it, end up growing on the owner?s bodies and eventually kill them. 



In a race of time and lots of suspense, he has to find the root cause of his client?s death, especially when he realizes that his beloved Sina is in danger because she is one of the people who also got Jake?s tattoo. Maybe a long time coming, but this is the moment when his journey of redemption begins.



The Tattooist is a great mix of the ancient rich and diverse Samoan culture, being threatened by modern-day pop influences of hip-hop, colliding with tattoo symbolism, and unjust shame turned to avenge evil spirit. 


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