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"Maya The Bee" Animated comedy-adventure film on W4Free

Maya the Bee is a 2014 3D animated comedy-adventure film. It's a German-Australian co-production and it's based on the 1975 anime "Maya the Honey Bee" and the German children's book "The Adventures of Maya the Bee" by Waldemar Bonsels. The children's book was published in 1912 in Germany and it was adapted in many other languages. The movie was released in theaters in Australia on 1 November 2014 and in the United States and Canada on 8 March 2015.

"Maya the Bee" features the voices of Coco Jack Gillies, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Noah Taylor, Joel Franco, Richard Roxburgh, Miriam Margolyes, Jacky Weaver, and the Umbilical Brothers.

The plot revolves around Maya, a young, freshly hatched, tomboyish honey bee that doesn't fit the restrictive environment of the hive. Together with her best friend Willy, Maya is eager to go on an adventure and explore the fascinating world, befriend new bugs and leave the rules of the hive. She is instructed by her teacher Miss Cassandra not to hang out with other non-bees and definitely not to trust the bloodthirsty hornets that live beyond the meadow.

One day, the Royal Jelly is stolen from the hive. The main suspects of the plot are the hornets and the Queen Bee's royal counselor thinks that Maya is their accomplice. No one stands by her side, except for the good-natured friend Willy. Even though an innocent victim, Maya the Bee is banished from the hive.

With her best friend by her side, and a young grasshopper named Flip, Maya goes on a long and challenging adventure to find the real culprit behind the stolen Royal Jelly. She meets and befriends many bugs during her journey and one of them is Sting, a young hornet that becomes Maya, Willy, and Flip's best friend. Together they venture into the hornet's hive, only to find that The Queen's royal counselor Buzzlina Von Beena is behind all of it. Her plan was to frame the hornets for stealing the Royal Jelly, to make an excuse and wage war against them. But Maya, Willy, Flip, and Sting must stop the evil Buzzlina's nefarious plans and end the hostilities between bees and hornets, once and for all.

Maya the Bee is directed by Alexs Stadermann and produced by Patrick Elmendorff and Thorsten Wegener. The film received mixed reviews on Rotten Tomatoes with a score of 47%. Meant for children, the film bears a clear message - Bee yourself.

Enjoy this fun and family movie on W4FREE today!