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The Prince & Me 2: The Royal Wedding

When the wicked Prince Albert (Jim Holt) discovers an outdated legal provision stating that a Danish royal, such as Prince Edvard (Luke Mably), cannot accede to the throne if he marries a commoner, arrangements for Edvard and Paige's (Kam Heskin) wedding come to a halt. Paige must disprove the law and halt the alternate plan for an arranged marriage between Edvard and Princess Kirsten (Clemency Burton-Hill), Albert's daughter, before they may dive headfirst into wedded bliss.


"The Prince & Me 2: The Royal Wedding" was directed by Catherine Cyran. The cast includes Luke Mably (Prince Edward), Kam Heskin (Paige Morgan), Maryam d'Abo (Queen Rosalind), and Jim Holt (Prince Albert).


Edvard and Paige have been engaged for two years. Paige is studying medicine in Denmark to be closer to Edvard and his family. Just weeks before their wedding, newly minted King Edvard of Denmark and his American fiancée Paige Morgan's love is jeopardized by discovering an old rule requiring a Danish king to marry a princess or be compelled to resign and leave the throne. Princess Kirsten (Clemency Burton-Hill), Edvard's childhood friend, pays a visit and schemes to kidnap Edvard from Paige, both for her motives (to become Queen of Denmark) and because her father, a Norwegian royal, is severely in debt and wishes to marry Kirsten into the royal family's money.

Paige and Edvard split up due to the burden of the law. Edvard decides to marry Kirsten. Paige decides to stay in Denmark for the remainder of her semester. Throughout Kirsten and Edvard's wedding preparations, Paige notices Edvard's body language that he does not love Kirsten and is simply going through the motions.

Paige can uncover a loophole in the succession legislation with the assistance of her buddy Jake and his law student buddies. The newer legislation, enacted 41 years after the marriage legislation, stipulates that any woman can be proclaimed a princess provided she can demonstrate knowledge of the Danish Constitution by reading it out in Danish in front of Parliament. Fortunately, the Danish Parliament attends the wedding, the Constitution is read aloud, and the happy couple marries. Before they can kiss, Kirsten bursts in with a mud-splattered ripped bridal gown, she is finally taken away by her father while screaming, "I love you, Edvard," and Edvard and the newly crowned Queen Paige kiss. The film concludes with the newlyweds departing from the chapel.

Stuck somewhere between Hollywood B production and Hallmark original, this film lacks many things that the original had. The plot has more plot holes than Danish law. Nevertheless, if you like royal-themed rom-coms, this film will give you a decent two hours of entertainment. It is available for streaming completely free on w4free.