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My Bakery in Brooklyn

When two cousins with a passion for baking inherit a bakery in Brooklyn and the cupcake wars begin. Their opposite worlds collide over their future and the future of the pastry shop.

When the owner of a quaint bakery in Brooklyn dies, her two nieces are left to continue her legacy. Vivien, a jewelry designer who dreams of traveling worldwide, works part-time at the bakery. She likes baking, but she works at the bakery only to save enough money for her big trip to Europe. Chloe lives for the baking. She works as an assistant on a daytime cooking show even though her skills and knowledge surpass those of her boss Fernando. Two girls were raised by their aunt Isabella, and they used to be very close. As they grew older, they also grew distant from each other. This newly found situation will make them reconsider their priorities.

Their dispute begins over the future of the bakery. Vivian knows a lot about the job and wants things to stay the way they are. On the other hand, Chloe wants to revamp the place entirely and transition the bakery into the 21st century. As the row between them grows, the girls discover that their aunt was in debt and that they could lose the bakery. The evil banker has set his eye on the place, and he is willing to do anything to take over the shop.

Together they start to work on different plans to save their most favorite place in the world. With a bit of help from Paul, an agent from the bank, they try every possible solution to their problem. Things get a little complicated when Paul expresses a love interest for Vivian and Chloe starts an affair with her boss.


This romantic comedy with a dash of fantasy is a perfect film to cozy up under a blanket on a rainy day. Both Aimee Teegarden and Krysta Rodriguez pull out the best from their roles and give us colorful characters and great performances.