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Mighty Aphrodite

Lenny and Amanda adopt a child who turns out to be extraordinarily gifted. Lenny is astounded to learn that his adoptive kid was born to a prostitute, even though he assumed his birth parents were intelligent.

The video begins on ancient Greek ruins, where a chanting Greek chorus introduces and tells Lenny’s narrative. Lenny is a sportswriter in Manhattan who is married to the aspirant curator Amanda. The couple decides to adopt a child, a boy named Max. Lenny is surprised by his kid, who, it becomes apparent, is a brilliant youngster.

Lenny gets concerned with discovering Max’s biological mother’s identity. After a lengthy investigation, Lenny discovers she is a prostitute and part-time porn actress who goes by various identities but admits her birth name is Leslie Ash. She prefers the moniker “Linda” since it means “beautiful” in Spanish. Lenny schedules a “meeting” with her at her place. Linda is a ditz with a coarse sense of humor and aspirations to be a theatrical performer. Lenny does not have sexual relations with her but instead encourages her to leave prostitution and start a new life. Linda becomes enraged, returns Lenny’s money, and forcibly removes him from the premises. Lenny, on the other hand, is determined to befriend her and make her life better. He first manages to separate Linda from her abusive pimp. He then tries to connect Linda with Kevin, a former boxer. They look to be a good match until Kevin learns about Linda’s past.

Meanwhile, Lenny and Amanda have been drifting apart, not just because of Lenny’s preoccupation with Linda but also because of Amanda’s profession and her romance with her coworker Jerry. Amanda informs Lenny that she wants to investigate her friendship with Jerry further. Lenny and Linda console one other after their breakups and eventually engage in sexual activity. The next day, though, Lenny reconciles with Amanda, and they discover they are still in love. Linda attempts unsuccessfully to reconnect with Kevin, but she notices a helicopter falling from the sky on the way back to Manhattan. She pulls over and offers Don, the pilot, a ride. The Greek chorus reveals that they will marry, despite the fact that Linda is now pregnant with Lenny’s kid.

The film was written and directed by Woody Allen, who also plays one of the main characters (Lenny). The cast also includes Helena Bonham Carter (Amanda), Olympia Dukakis (Jocasta), and Mira Sorvino (Linda).

“Although the Greek chorus might seem an unwieldy addition to a Woody Allen comedy about modern Manhattan neurotics, the addition actually functions nicely. Chorus members including F. Murray Abraham, Olympia Dukakis, and David Ogden Stiers make dire observations about the decisions Lenny is making, and their ironic counterpoint helps Allen get away with some of the more obviously mechanical plot developments. By the end of the movie, when the deus ex machina arrives from the sky in a helicopter, it seems like an inspiration instead of what it is, a convenient plot device.” – Roger Ebert

Woody Allen is famous for his quirky and satirical comments on modern society. “Mighty Aphrodite” doesn’t fail to deliver his unique sense of humor and two hours of solid entertainment. You can stream it now on w4free right now.