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Joy Division and Their Footprint in the World of Music

No matter your age, I am convinced that you are familiar with the masterful post-punk and gothic rock band from Salford, England. Yes, I am convinced that either you've seen their name on a T-shirt, heard one of their songs at a bar, seen one of their records in your father's vinyl collection, or simply, you are one of their hardcore fans, Joy Division is, and will remain one of the cult '70s bands that left a huge footprint in the music industry.

The documentary "Joy Division" directed by Grant Gee, is a 93 minutes film which assembles interviews, TV clips, pictures and behind the scenes videos of the popular band, including the three surviving members from the group, Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris.  The film will bring you closer to the band's members and their closest friends, who share their stories and experiences from way back, remembering the band's early years, their ideas, ideals, politics and personal relationships.

The year is 1976 and Sex Pistols play a huge role in inspiring two men (Sumner and Hook) to start their own band, including drummer Stephen Morris and vocalist Ian Curtis (I bet you've heard of him).

After releasing their debut in 1979 ?An ideal for Living', they got Tony Wilson's attention, the famous television presenter, record label owner and founder of the famous nightclub "The Hacienda". He signed them to his independent label Factory Record, and shortly after that, they released their first album "Unknown Pleasures" in 1979.

While the band's popularity grew, one of the members struggled to keep up appearances. Struggling with depression and epilepsy, Ian Curtis, the band's vocalist and lyricist, started spiraling and sometimes couldn?t even perform. From experiencing seizures on stage ( which some audidence members believed were part of his performance), his failing marrige and the feeling of shame and depression, unfortanetly led to him committing suicide at the age of 23, on the evening the band was due to commence their first US/Canada tour.

The film shows the remaining members of the band reminiscing about that moment in time, when they lost their dear friend and band member. They knew that he was struggling, but as they often said in interviews, they all ignored the signs and underestimated the dangerous situation. And yes, they all made the mistake of not thinking that his suicide would eventually happen.

Just two months after Curtis's suicide, the band released "Love will tear us apart" from the upcoming album "Closer", recorded before Ian's suicide. It definitely became one of their most recognizable songs, and a magnificent memorial for Ian and Joy Division as a band.

Following the pact that the members made, should anyone left the band, the remaining members would change the band name. That?s how "New Order" was formed in 1980. Their first two songs were written just two weeks before Ian's death. And yes, for a certain amount of time, they were overshadowed by the legacy of their previous band, but in spite of all that, their post-punk, electronic and dance music made them one of the most popular bands of the '80s.

Being a fan of the '70s and '80s music revolution, this film brings me closer to a period that I wished I was a part of. And, If you are anything like me, you should definitely add this documentary to your watchlist.

The whole story about Joy Division is available now on W4FREE. Enjoy!