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Dragon Warriors - A Quest for Freedom and Love

Dragon Warriors (also known as Dudes&Dragons) is a 2015 action-adventure film, directed and written by Maclain Nelson, and Stephen Shimek. The stars of the movie are James Marsters (Lord Tensley), Kaitlin Doubleday (Ennogard), Luke Perry (Lorash), Adam Johnson (Ramicus), and also the director Maclain Nelson who plays the role of Camilan.


The movie?s plot revolves around the evil wizard, Lord Tensley, who falls in love and seeks the hand of the beautiful princess Lady Ennogard (played by Kaitlin Doubleday). When she refuses his offer, he locks the princess away. In response to her rejection, he releases a deadly dragon that he controls and vows that until she accepts his love, the dragon will continue to terrorize and destroy everyone who shows any display of love.

Desperate Lady Ennogard decides to send an enchanted dragonfly, to find the ultimate Dragon Warrior who will fight Lord Tensley?s dragon and set her free.


Meanwhile, a brave young warrior, named Camilian, plans to marry his love, the elf princess Larec, but his parents refuse to give their blessings, as they believe that he shouldn?t marry outside his race. To be able to marry his true love, his only hope is to convince his brother Ramicus to settle down and secure the family?s inheritance. Ramicus, on the other hand, doesn?t want to marry, and his brother tries to convince him that he as well should eventually settle down, but this proves to be a difficult task vo Camilian. 

Everything changes when Lady Ennogard?s dragonfly reaches them. Suddenly, Ramicus charmed by her beauty and wealth, changes his mind, and agrees to help her to destroy the dragon and free her from Lord Tensley?s hands. Ramicus with his friend Orc, Chameleon, and his loyal friend Samton, endure the journey of their lifetime of defeating the evil wizard and his terrifying beast.