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Animated or Real - Dog Movies are Loads of Fun!

Here at W4FREE, we have a bunch of movies dedicated to pets and animals. Starting with comedies to animated movies, dogs and cats are dominating our repertoire.

Dogs do make such great action heroes as well as best friends. This post we have dedicated to our pals! 


Let us present you with these two dog movies we can recommend to our audience and then we will let you decide if you agree with our selection.


Ozzy is our number one dog movie on W4FREE. As an animated movie, it is family-friendly and available to children of all ages. At the same time, this is a movie that teaches as well as entertains. 

Produced in 2016 by Alberto Rodriguez, this movie is describing the complete and drastic lifestyle change for Ozzy, our hero character, after his family gets an invitation for a trip to Japan. Namely, Ozzy has to stay behind and his owners decide to put him in a dog hotel until they come back. After they see an impressive advertisement on TV, they decide to leave Ozzy in the so-called hotel for dogs believing they have made the best choice for their pet and friend.  


But this is when everything changes. Quite opposite to everything that was presented in the TV ad, Ozyy ends up in a dog prison, with extreme limitations and restrictions, making his life extremely difficult. Not used to this kind of environment Ozyy is devastated by the way the other dog guards and warden and treating him and the other inhabitants of the “hotel” but at the same time, he makes some new friends. This is where they start creating a plan on how to escape this terrible place. Will Ozzy manage to escape? Will his family finally return from the trip to Japan? Put Ozzy in your family time schedule and see how things turn out at the end for Ozzy. We are eager to hear how you like this amazing animated family movie.


The other pet movie we would love you to see is “In The Doghouse”. Here you will see a  family where parents are already divorced and the children are trying to stop their mom from finding them a new dad. The Dog in the family is part of the children's clan that is fighting off the newly selected father figures successfully until Mom wins the lottery. That is when the real trouble arrives, in the form of an old college boyfriend that has signed a pact with the evil grandmother to force himself into their lives, just because of the newly won money. See how this interesting mischief ends. Will the children and their dog finally win? Will their parents get back together again? Full of interesting events, this movie is intriguing and fun for the whole family.


W4FREE as a free VOD platform offers these family-time movies at no charge. Spend some quality time with your loved ones and enjoy our special selection of family-friendly movies, that are only fun, but also have a lesson to teach.