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David and Goliath - The underdog wins against a larger adversary

The little guy wins. Basically, this is the definition when David and Goliath are mentioned. The underdog wins against a larger adversary. We?ve heard this term many times in sports as smaller, weaker teams took on a bigger, stronger opponent and won.

It all began with an epic, biblical story from the book of Samuel of the Old Testament. A small, Israelite shepherd boy named David fought the Philistine champion and giant - Goliath and killed him in single combat. Thus the term was coined.

In 2016, the Wallace brothers directed the epic movie called David and Goliath where they portray the story of these two warriors. Jeffrey Giles and Michael Lurie wrote the screenplay for the movie while Matt Berberi and Michael Foster star as David and Goliath respectively. Other cast members include John Knox as Samuel, Rodger Halston as the Israelite king Saul, Devin Brooke as Michal, Jason Tobias as Eleazar, Anthony Marks as Jashob, Les Brandt as Shammah, and others. The movie had a DVD Premiere in 2016, on 7 March in the UK, 9 May in France, 22 September in Germany, 27 October in the USA, and on 2 November in Japan. It was fully released in theaters on 28 July in Turkey.

The plot revolves around the war between two civilizations, the Israelites and Philistines. They face each other in the Valley of Elah. For 40 days straight, the Philistine champion named Goliath steps out of the ranks of his own army and demands a champion from the Israelites to face him in single combat to decide the outcome of the battle. The Israelite king Saul is too afraid of him and refuses to step out. A young shepherd named David volunteers to fight the giant. He refuses the armor and weapons from the king and instead confronts Goliath with his staff, a sling, and five smooth stones from a nearby creek-bed.

David and Goliath face each other. ?Am I a dog that you come at me with sticks? - Goliath mocks David in the opening sequence to which David replies ?I come in the name of the Divine Warrior, the god of my people?. Goliath laughs underestimating David and prepares to leave the field with his squire. David then mocks Goliath and his squire confronts David in single combat. After a short fight, David kills the squire and takes his sword and shield. Goliath rushes at him and after a brutal battle, he knocks David to the ground. David gets up slowly, takes the sling and stones from his sash, and launches a projectile that hits Goliath in the forehead - killing him. David then proceeds and cuts off the giant?s head to confirm his victory.

If you are looking for historical epic movies with lots of blood, swords, and sandals, then David and Goliath is definitely worth watching.