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Watch epic miniseries Children of Dune on W4Free

Following the Warnes Bros. worldwide release of Denis Villeneuve’s brand spanking new interpretation of the Frank Herbert science fiction classic DUNE film fans everywhere could be forgiven for feeling that they’d been a little short changed. By not getting the whole saga to satiate their space faring lust for Arrakan spice many felt the completion of the story is an absolute necessity and waiting another two years plus for it to turn up isn’t going to cut the spicy mustard,

Well fret not dear viewer W4Free is thundering across the stars to your rescue with the epic miniseries CHILDREN OF DUNE

With an all-star cast and, for the year of production, epic visual effects some of that thirst for the further adventures of the House Atreides can hopefully be quenched.

Passion, Drama & Melodrama

Passion, drama, and yes melodrama are rendered in every hue of the blood red rainbow that drenches and separates the DUNE saga from the rest of the science fiction franchises that we’ve all come to know and love. And in this epic three part mini-series they are rendered beautifully.

Performances are solid, the cinematography is rich and lush and the production design convinces, within reason, that we are watching a romance, tragedy and adventure of Shakespearean proportions play out on a in a galaxy far, far, away. The score isn’t bad either, transporting and moving in equal measure.

Pulling off a story of this magnitude on even a generous TV budget was clearly no easy task and sometimes the story and production itself feels like it’s straining at the edges, But it is a mostly successful and noble effort and all involved should be congratulated for trying.

For those that haven’t seen the big screen flick currently doing the rounds here’s a little primer should you decide to dip into your toe in to the admittedly drought ridden sands of DUNE. Just watch out it doesn’t get nipped off by one of those preposterously large sand worms….


Frank Herbert's Dune was just the beginning. Now, Frank Herbert’s monumental saga of a young man’s rise to universal power on an embattled desert planet, continues in this extraordinary miniseries based on Dune Messiah and Children of Dune. Where it takes you is an epic of the human imagination. 

It’s been twelve years since Paul Maud’dib Atreides’s (Alec Newman, Frank Herbert's Dune) desert-dwelling Freman Jihad spread out across the universe to exterminate all that remained of the Old Imperial armies—twelve years of war as all the known planets were colonized, one-by-one, under Maud’dib’s rule. Out of this chaos, the House Atreides has emerged as a superpower of Dune—the arid planet, Arrakis. But its imperial government is not omnipotent. Its greatest enemy, the fallen Baron Harkonnen (Ian McNeice, A Christmas Carol), still strives to regain control of Dune, its mysterious life force, and everything it represents to the galactic order. 

A far more insidious threat is poised and ready to strike within the treacherous House Atreides. As Maud’dib’s secret enemies grow in number, his only chance to protect the family’s supreme reign is in his new twins, born of his concubine, Chani (Barbara Kodetova, Dune). Soon, the hope for Dune will be in the hands of his young son Leto, heir to a power unimaginable. It will be Leto’s responsibility to demystify the legacy of his father, raze the old regime, and restore peace to the Empire. But the ultimate battle has yet to be waged, and the children of Atreides—the children of Dune—will find themselves trapped in an unpredictable future of their family’s own making. 


Pure and simple escapism.  Triumph, tragedy, intrigue, lust and betrayal in more or less equal measure it’s like watching a great book without having to do the heavy lifting of page turning and actual reading. So, grab yourself a cooling beverage for your parched throat and immerse yourself in the sun, spice and sand of the universe of DUNE. And don’t forget the sunblock.

Watch for free by clicking:

Children of Dune Chapter 1   

Children of Dune Chapter 2 

Children of Dune Chapter 3