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Bushwick - A Non-stop Thriller Movie

Starring David Bautista and Britany Snow, the directors Cary Murnion and Jonathan Milott have created a non-stop thriller movie based on a sociopolitical subtext that gives it more heft than the average action thriller.


The fictional story is describing a civil war situation in New York, provoked by the desire of several US states to form an alliance of their own and leave the federation. Mercenaries are attacking the cities and neighborhoods and vandalizing and killing the non-military citizens. The US army interferes by the chaos and the horror of the situation is not controllable. 


Lucy, a young college student,  steps out of the subway in Bushwick, a neighborhood in Brooklyn where a civil war has started. Her boyfriend gets killed in an explosion and Lucy gets caught by two mercenaries.  She is saved by Stupe, the other lead character in this movie. As a war veteran, Stupe is better at hiding and managing guns so he teaches Lucy how to protect herself as well. These everyday heroes fighting for their lives are trying to find a way out of this war zone, while both of them do not understand the reason behind all of this terror and chaos. The director manages to involve them in a number of other dangerous situations, hopeless encounters and real-world troubles. They will be informed that there is a place that can evacuate all non-military citizens, and they try to get there, but another unplanned encounter will force them out of their plan. Being blackmailed they are forced to become a part of the local neighborhood group that intended to fight back the mercenaries. 


Trying to escape this place, both Stupe and Lucy will be killed. So this is not a classic American happy end movie. The situation presented is fictional and hypothetical, but the effects provided are making the movie very realistic. 


Many critics recognize Bushwick as a strong and brilliant B-movie with an evident lack of budget, but a very strong and refreshing political infrastructure. The content and the way the film was shot promise you an interesting afternoon. This is not just another fun movie but it is also a great initiator of a discussion on the political surroundings presented and its fictional or non-fictional nature. 


W4FREE strongly suggests Bushwick for a lazy summer afternoon.  Watch this free movie online and feel free to share your thoughts.