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Arthur and Merlin - British fantasy drama on W4FREE

"Arthur and Merlin" is an independent British feature movie that was released in 2015. It is directed by Marco van Belle and the screenplay was written by Marco van Belle and Kat Wood. The movie was shot against a relatively low budget of £230 000, but despite that, the movie received positive reviews in regards to its atmosphere and quality.


The movie had its premiere on 11 April 2015 at the BFI Cinema. Later that year it was digitally released via UK iTunes, Video on Demand as well as a DVD. In 2016 it was released in the United States as well as Germany.



Arthur and Merlin were produced by Paul Osborne, Marco van Belle, Rob Speranza, and Joe Burrows. The music was composed by Graham Plowman, the cinematography was provided by Phil Wood and it was distributed by Signature Entertainment. It has a running time of 104 minutes.



The movie stars Kirk Baker, Stefan Butler, Nigel Cooke, Charlotte Brimble, Adrian Bouchet, Nicholas Asbury, and David Sterne and it was filmed in just 24 days.



The movie is set in the Dark Ages Britain, at a place of magic and myth where the Celts and Saxons are at war. It tells the story of a banished Celtic warrior named Arthur and a hermit wizard named Merlin who join on an epic quest to defeat the invading Saxons and save the Celtic people. However, a greater threat emerges: a powerful evil druid named Aberthol is plotting to destroy the Celts once and for all. Arthur and Merlin must find a way to defeat both and save their people.



Unlike other Arthurian stories, this movie is based on the original Celtic folklore of Arthur and Merlin and it makes the most accurate representation of these characters. The story is unlike anything that you've seen before. It's an epic fantasy adventure movie and represents the fight of good against evil and it's definitely worth watching.