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Andron - American science fiction movie on W4FREE!

"Andron" is a science fiction action movie that was directed by Francesco Cinquemani. The movie was released on November 8, 2015. It is written by Francesco Cinquemani and produced by Monika Bacardi and Andrea Iervolino. The music was composed by Riccardo Eberspacher, the cinematography provided by Gherardo Gossi and it was distributed by Momentum Pictures. It's a joint Italian, UK, Maltese and Canadian production. It has a running time of 100 minutes.


Andron stars movie veterans like Alec Baldwin and Danny Glover, as well as Leo Howard, Gale Harold, Michelle Ryan, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, singer Skin from Skunk Anansie, Alex Martin and Jon Kortajarena.



Andron portrays a unique story that perplexes the likes of the Hunger Games and Maze Runner. The movie is set in a dystopian futuristic world in the year 2154 where the rich and powerful control everything. A group of ten young men and women are brainwashed and put into a dark and claustrophobic maze called Andron. They don't remember how they got there, but they must learn how to decipher codes, pass tests, and beat signals in order to survive. The maze is a mysterious and dark place. It's merciless towards the protagonists, but they must form a bond together out of necessity in order to solve its mystery and escape. While the battle to survive, their journey is broadcasted and the outside world watches them and wagers on their fate.



This fast-paced, action-packed sci-fi movie is definitely worth watching. Just like Survivor, only one man can live to tell the tale.