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An extraordinary cinematic duet as seen in 'The Brave'

I know that probably all of us at some point have watched a movie starring Johnny Depp. And yes, probably you were mesmerized by his acting skills. His ability to transform, and practically become the character he plays, is one of the best attributes he has as an actor. Just check his IMDB portfolio, and you will be stunned by the excellent and diverse roles he has chosen to play.

It is not an uncommon practice for an actor to take upon the director?s chair. His first directorial debut is the movie ?The Brave?, in which he also plays the main character. Another A-list star of this movie is the one and only Marlon Brando. Needless to say, the casting is extraordinary.

?The Brave? is a movie adapted from the Gregory Mcdonald novel of the same title. The initial script for the movie was written by Paul McCudden, and it did attract attention despite the nature of the storyline. However, a major setback happened when the director who sighed on the project, Aziz Ghazal, murdered his family before he committed suicide. All of this lead to suspending production.

Despite the setback, Paul McCudden did not give up on making this movie, and in 1994, he and his production partner Charles Evans somehow managed to convince Johnny Depp on taking up the director?s role. Not only did he get the director?s chair, but he also got to rewrite the script, produce the film, and star in the leading role.   

The film is beautiful and yet dark, revolving around the notion of sacrifice, a sacrifice for the well-being of a man?s family, going to such lengths just so he would be able to provide for them. Recently released from jail, Raphael, a Native American (played by Depp) returns to his family. A drunk who is not able to get a job and take care of his wife and kids. He is introduced to the character of McCarthy (played by Marlon Brando) who offers him 50.000 dollars to be tortured and killed in a snuff film. With no other choice, a resource of any income, and his actual belief that he is worthless to his family alive, he accepts McCarthy?s offer.
After accepting the advance, he is granted a week to be with his family before fulfilling the terms of the agreement.

The movie was first shown at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival, where it received negative reviews, and that was the reason why Johnny Depp decided to not show the movie in the US. But, although the critics were tough, a lot of fans loved Depp?s first directorial debut. You have one of the best cinema duets, Depp and Brando, and although their interaction in the movie is down to a minimum of 10 minutes, their dialogue is magical in so many ways. Brando?s speech of life, death, and sacrifice, and Depp?s facial expressions are just mesmerizing to watch.

If you are looking for something different, thought-provoking, something that touches you in the deepest places and leaves you feeling bewildered, you should add ?The Brave? to your watchlist.

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